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We all dream of a white Christmas, the white fluffy stuff turning the world around us into a winter wonderland making it feel like everything it touches turns into magic. Well this magic happened to us in Shropshire recently and ok not on Christmas day but it certainly inspired Oak to take father Christmas on a winter adventure in our garden and the surrounding countryside.

So I invite you to come on a magical snowy adventure with Oak helping Santa find his lost winter home.

Now before you begin an winter adventure, it is so important to wrap up warm and cozy to protect your little ones from Jack Frost.  Having a desire for British heritage with quintessential British style, and adding some festive sparkle, the special edition Marsden coat in airforce blue from the Great British Baby Company was the perfect choice. A classic coat design like something out of a time gone by winter scene where children were ice skating on frozen rivers but this timeless piece having a modern twist.

The Marsden being a collaboration with AW Hainsworth, one of England’s oldest (since 1783) and most respected cloth manufacturers, you begin to understand Rachel Attwood, owner of the Great British Baby Company true passion for British heritage and the upmost quality in their grandeur crafted pieces. The partnership being a strong commitment to keep the British country’s rich textile production heritage alive for future generations to enjoy.

Childhood is literally sewn into this soft yet warm merino wool melton cloth. The yarns are hand-sourced and spun to perfection, weaves are refined, dyes are tried and tested then finally hand-finished over a 30 day period by skilled craftsmen.

Free to celebrate childhood as a special and precious time that should be lived to the full, with snow-packed mittons, a Great British Baby Company Argyll floppy lambswool hat in royal blue, we ventured through the snow blizzards with our sledge searching for the Christmas magic.

The world around us was covered in a thick blanket of white, the branches hanging low with the weight of the snow and hearing nothing but the sound of fresh snow crunching under Oak’s winter boots and the wind howling gently in the cold crisp air. In the new white world there was no way to know which direction to go, usual landmarks were hidden behind the white magic that swirled so densely in front of Oak’s eyes.

Father Christmas urged Oak to wear his Christmas hat to guide him on his merry way, whispering into his ear, believe in the Christmas magic, just look for the star and you will find my winter home.

His clothes catching the twirling snowflakes, threatening to make Oak look like an abominable snowman, he raised a gloved hand to shield his eyes. The coldness and the sting of driven snow on his rosy frozen cheeks, his footsteps small, sinking in past his ankles with each stride, but he had faith each step would take him closer to the star to lead him to Santa’s winter house.

Besides he had his beautiful Great British Baby Company modern life college scarf made from fine strips of British lambswool cloth and lined with the finest silk to keep his face protected and his ears warm. He was warm and cozy wearing his magical Mardsen Christmas coat.

With Father Christmas in tow, Oak gazed his eyes towards a mysterious sparkle in the distance, his heart filling with happiness since he knew his quest was near. Glistening in the snow was the star, he placed the magic snow santa passed him onto the star and put Father Christmas actual hat on his head. To his astonishment, the snow crackled and curled beneath him, lifting a ice igloo from the ground.

Oak had finally found santa’s home, so with excitement he ran through the snow in his elegant royal blue coat with red giant buttons to greet the snowman figure sitting quietly next to the Father Christmas magical white home and gave him a massive hug. He could feel the wet chilled snow on his cold cheek, taking his warm stripy college scarf from his neck he began to wrap it around his new snowman friend.  Everybody was happy and hearts fill with festive joy, Santa with Oak’s help had finally found his icy grotto home.

If you want to be totally spellbound and have some Christmas festive enchantment like Oak then I urge you to visit the wonderful world of the Great British Baby Company. A treasured heirloom to with stand the test of time, an investment to past on to future family generations, a craftman piece with a heritage story carrying on a legacy of fine British craftsmanship similar to keeping family Christmas traditions and beliefs alive.

Oak and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Clothing credits:


Oak’s MODERN LIFE COLLEGE SCARF from The Great British Baby Company

Oak’s ROYAL BLUE ARGYLL BOBBLE HAT from The Great British Baby Company

Oak’s Navy Trousers: Mar Mar Copenhagen

Oak’s Carthen Knee High Socks in Cobalt: Mabli Knits

Oak’s Navy Fleece Wellington Socks: Hunter

Oak’s Black Woodypop Wellingtons: Aigle

View THE GREAT BRITISH BABY COMPANY collection here. To learn more about the companies heritage and passions, click here.

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