A Timeless Summer with LaCoqueta Kids

Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about our nature adventures while Oak is wearing Spanish LaCoqueta Kids

This warm endless summer evokes adventure within us, beautiful road trips in our 1974 Karmann Cabriolet beetle with the roof top down, seeking colourful annual flora awakening us in a timeless fashion. The countryside bathed in radiant summer colour, Oak’s every inch embracing our carefree vibe wearing LaCoqueta Kids, stunning traditional and timeless authentic Spanish childrens clothing.

Oak’s gingham shirt featuring a Mao neck collar and mother of pearl buttons worn with Bocusi shorts coupled with chocolate braces and ankle socks brings a LaCoqueta Kids Mediterranian vintage and whimsical signature stamped in love.

Founded in 2013 by mother of five Celia Muñoz, the UK based childrenswear brand evokes a nostalgic charm through her use of Spanish textile and design.

Raw organic cotton and linen are thoughtfully gathered ethically which are refined in a Spanish workshop to create soft breathable garments. With every turn of the precious cloth, passion is sewn in every exquisite detail, perfectly finished and feel just as wonderful as their appearance.

The flawless collection with a nod to the Mediterranian brings us even closer to that summer feeling with their gorgeous selection of chic and contemporary attire that has us truly spellbound.

Time stand stills as we wonder through the well trodden tracks filled with poppies, Oak finding suitable places to stop so he could continue to play his epic dinosaur worlds while I embrace the red and pink petals and sweet smell before us.

We could relish the splendor of this summer evening and LaCoqueta forever, only the VW beetle, with the thought of the gentle wind blowing through our hair to cool us down can entice us back home.

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Timeless Summer Clothing credits:


Oak’s Burnished Tan Brando Brogues – Young Soles London 

Oak’s Natural Luggy – Olli Ella

Oak’s Straw hat – Daddies

Oak’s 1974 Beetle – Daddies




All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

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