A Timeless Summer with LaCoqueta Kids

Ethical fashion blogger | slowliving photographer | creative storytelling Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about our nature adventures while Oak is wearing Spanish LaCoqueta Kids This warm endless summer evokes adventure within us, beautiful road trips in our 1974 Karmann Cabriolet beetle with the roof top down, seeking colourful annual flora awakening us in a timeless fashion. The countryside bathed in radiant summer colour,

Vintage Holder B12 Tractor

Everybody can’t help but love a bit of old vintage and my partner Jason (Oak’s dad) is no exception. One of his many hobbies (an eccentric Brit to say the least) is collecting old rusty vintage unmostled horticulture tractors, like his 1959 Holder B12 vineyard tractor. Jason gave Oak a special treat last summer when he decided to get the old girl out and give her sachs diesel engine a