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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post while Oak wears ethical unisex Childrenswear Mini Stitches.

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

I feel as a parent one of the best pieces of advice I can ever give my son Oak is we all have the ability to make positive changes in a gentle way, no matter how big or small.

One pioneering childrenswear brand ‘shaking the world’ by revolutionising the way we manufacturer clothing here in the UK is Mini Stitches.

Feel good genderless playful contemporary styles which are washable, sustainable and created for everyday fun adventures like ours, stitched with future optimism and integrity.

Each Mini Stitches garment is empowering diverse women from Tower Hamlets in East London by art charity stitches in time, who give life to the ethically-sourced fabrics and finishes.

It’s a dedication of love and a passion for motivating people to question where their clothes are made and providing a safe support network to enable a community in hardship to positively shine through creativity.

Teaching industry standard skills in garment manufacturing, alongside English classes and other essential support, to many who have never worked, provides a space for women facing isolation to meet, learn and create together, building their confidence and sustain meaningful livelihoods

Mini stitches takes their ethics way further by the introduction of hand spun, hand woven organic cottons, natural indigo and vegetable dyes and traditional block printing, sourced from Fair Trade worker co-ops in Bangladesh and India.

Oak being a gentle soul, felt harmonious and at peace knowing how his garments were fairly manufactured. With a Spring in our step, feeling free-spirited, we could revel in the afternoon sun, playing tag and other childhood games among the vintage

Suiting Oak’s quirky charisma, the bright red polly pantaloons, with meticulous details and soft deep pockets were perfect for stashing his ‘love hearts’ impishly. Alluring our every senses, the kimono sleeve shirt in a classic gingham print generating a carefree mood.

We have truly been inspired by this incredible brand, are you ready to make your own positive changes and ‘shake the world’? We are…..

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Oak’s Blue Bowler Hat: WADDLER

Oak’s Marsden Reefer Coat: BRITANNICAL

Oak’s Knee High Socks: BOBO CHOSES

Oak’s Blue suede Boots: PèPè SHOES

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