A Quiet Life with Devon’s Drawer

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Whilst visiting our fields, everything just becomes quiet apart from the enchanting sound of grass hoppers and distance calling of birdsong or faint noises of random sounds that come sailing in the breeze gently. The countyside now looking like a quilt of burnt out golden browns due to exceptional dry summer meaning a valuable hay and barley cropping season is upon us.

Farmer John usually cuts and turns the hay but Oak cannot resist passionately learning traditional farming methods with his bushing hook feeling at ease wearing alluring family run business Devon’s Drawer heirloom pieces.

Devon’s Drawer is a mum and daughter family run company making beautifully cut timeless heirloom pieces made from the highest quality ethically sourced materials for modern children to be adored and worn over and over through generations. With a passion and ethos to inspire people to buy less and better quality clothing for their children, and to keep that clothing for generations we are simple hooked and are eager to know more.

Devon’s Drawer believe that by offering high quality clothing created by using ethical and environmentally responsible production, we can have a lower impact on our world. It is a breath of fresh air to know they source organic or natural materials and labour as close to home as possible. The majority of their stunning collection are made from start to finish within a two mile radius of their downtown small studio in LA, even the materials are dyed using low impact dyes

Oak instinctively immersed into cutting the hay and throwing it up in the air with his bushing hook, unaware of the evening heat of the sun pounding down upon him. Only stopping occasionally for a quick refreshment of organic homemade apple juice and mint kendel cake to replenish energy levels.

Oak’s classic skip shorts and beautiful hand made to order baseball jacket lined made with organic cotton ‘duck’ a tough woven fabric and lined with a organic gingham cotton, seemily faultless at keeping him cool and bug free. Every inch of detail sewn devotedly into the garments, we are totally spellbound with the exquisite chickadee bird embroidered onto the jacket matching Oak’s enamel bird cup perfectly.

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A Quiet Life Clothing credits:

Oak’s ARLO BASEBALL JACKET in NAVY from Devon’s Drawer

Oak’s SKIP SHORTS in NAVY DUCK from Devon’s Drawer

Oak’s Deep Dye Cotton T-shirt in Blue – Atelier Barn

Oak’s Bush Hook – Bulldog

Oak’s Great Tit Enamel Mug – Matt Sewell

All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

Please do not copy or reproduce without permission.

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