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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about a big boy toys playground while Oak & Josh are wearing Jackalo sustainable playclothes.

Now the days are getting shorter, weekends are so important to have plenty of jovial venture with fun friends.

With a unmolested big boy toy – Bombardier Muskeg Snowtrac – left in our garden waiting patiently for the snow to arrive, it has to be a fun choice for Oak to invite his good friend Josh to boisterously lark around naturally undisturbed while testing sustainable play clothes Jackalo™ to the max.

Playing in their daredevil ways, with the happy echoes of countless times of laughter and warmth as their youthful spirits rise with each jump, it is really important their clothing will withstand the rough and tumble of carefree fun with some gentle ethical love thrown into the mix.

An ethos which runs true to Jackalo™ founder and beautiful soul Marianna Sachse, who made it paramount to design meticulously constructed, sustainable, and ethical playclothes for kids with longevity and comfort at its core.

The ‘mac coveralls’, a edgy playful quirky style, sumptuous for Oak’s sweet eccentric charm, are made from organic cotton twill for plenty of easy movement and comfortable canvas to reinforce those places that always get an extra hard time, the knees!!

Free spirited Josh’s ‘ash lined anthracite’ trousers features elastic drawstring waist for extra comfort, durable seams and reinforced knees for extra strength with a bright and fun red lining stupendous for those chilly days.

What really makes this family-run brand inspiring is their commitment to protect our earth for future generations by incorporating a full circle sustainable testimony including a friendly approach of recycling and upcycling by offering customers a free repair or replacement for any purchase which may flaw unfortunately within a 6 month period.

Jackalo™ take it even further by offering a ‘trade up’ service whereby customers can receive discounts on purchases when sending in their used garments which are then sold at a preloved discount. Wonderful news if you have no siblings to pass them down to.

“Watch carefully, the magic that occurs when you give a person just enough comfort to be themselves.” Atticus

I invite you to marvel at the extraordinary world of Jackalo™ where you may even find a useful tip or more.

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Big Boy Toys Clothing credits:


Oak’s striped long sleeved top from Serendipity Organics

Oak’s Blue/Red Striped knee high socks from Bobo Choses

Oak’s Zip Blue Leather Botinha Trainers from VEJA

Oak & Josh’s Bowler Hats from Waddler


Josh’s striped Jumper from Wild & Gorgeous

Josh’s grey melange varsity socks from Molo Kids

All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

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