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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post while Oak wears Totem Kids.

With the daylight being shorter in winter months we yearn colourful light when the sun starts to slowly set in the distance horizon giving us hope. When we witness such beautiful natural displays it causes our heart to celebrate in dance, we embrace the peaceful moment, and imagine how this time would feel in our ancestral past.

We cherish this sacred time in simple story telling from eco children’s brand Totem Kids AW18 collaboration with illustrator Rob Flowers ‘Festival Folk’.

Kate Bonhôte, creative owner of Totem Kids, likes to work with a different artist per collection, to visually tell a story about that season.

The AW19 collection is about a celebration of ancient festivals and cultures from around the world, taking a peak into the strange and wonderful costumes.  Many of the weird & wonderful festivals share their respect of nature and take place at special times in the seasons, honoring Mother Earth and all it provides for us.

The festivals, some which have existed for over a thousand years, tell a tale of shared humanity, our communities and our dependance on the natural world around us.

With a passion to show her two children you can make a difference in lowering our fast paced impact on our earth, Kate actively sources organic fabrics and uses environmentally responsible production as close to home as achievable. Being a mum herself you know the fabrics longevity have been tested by her two happy people with plenty of fun.

The 100% Organic Gingham Cotton over shirt and festival folk joggers simply celebrate Oak’s bohemian nature, giving him complete ease to climb the Abbey ruins in warrior style.

When the sun finally lowers towards the horizon, cascading the most beautiful tranquil light, we sit together peacefully and contemplate the many bizarre festival characters adorned on his trousers. Oak is utterly mesmerised by the funny person with a fist on top of his head, taken from the Duk-Duk festival from Papua New Guinea which holds ritual dances that invoke male and female spirits.

Oak’s imagination and own thoughts on what the characters symbolise brings us complete joy and laughter, he is now intrigued to learn more about these mysterious & bewildering ancestral rituals in Rob Flowers ‘Festival Folk’ book.

Totem kids has literally charmed us with their playful outlasting sustainable pieces where you are free to mix and match their contemporary and minimalism fun designs.

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Totem Kids credits:



Oak’s Original Duffle Coat: GLOVERALL

Oak’s Otto Bobble Hat: MABLI

Oak’s Tex Snow Boots: BISGAARD

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