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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about our nature adventures while Oak is wearing  WILD & GORGEOUS

We had the opportunity to visit one of Springs finest bluebell display in a private Shropshire woodlands on a glorious warm sunny day. Feeling wild and gorgeous, and with a urge for a nature adventure, we quickly packed the playtent and wildlife kit and set off in our Land Rover Series 1 driving along the lone country roads eager to reach the floral destination. The sweet smell in the air of the precious bluebells, hiting our every senses so strong, alluring the buzzing bees around us to taste its sweet nectar. The bees actually turn the bluebell pollen into liquid gold at the nearby bee hives where it is eventually destined in pots for Harrods.

Oak with a net in his hand and sheer determination to catch tadpoles swimming in the small stream, very much looking the wild boy wearing his beautiful Wild and Gorgeous relaxed military style jacket in grey.  A gorgeous jacket which is fully lined and perfectly finished with signature striped trim detailing that adds a touch of whimsical charm encapsulating the very essence of this orignal and fun brand.

Wild & Gorgeous was born when friends Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington, founders & creative directors, decided to dress their children in unique and unusual ways. Their inspiration comes from their eastern travels, vintage markets and punk youthful days with a modern twist which can be clearly seen stitched passionately in every piece of their colourful SS18 collection.

With an inquisitive mind for nature, Oak can continue his quest to search through the coppice with exploration ease,  whilst tiptoeing gently through the fairy thimbles, abundant with wildlife. Collecting specimens to observe with playfullness is what childhood is really all about.

Oak absolutely adores his new military jacket, it will be a jacket which will be cherished with love and worn time and time again, mixing it up with many aesthetic inspired styles over the coming months. Perfect for a special occasion like a summer wedding or worn like a wild mini Hendrix rock star at a kids family festival, the childhood possibilities are endless.

I urge you to go and visit the alluring world at Wild and Gorgeous or better still visit their beautiful friendly stores in Primrose and Notting Hill where you can browse their bright colourful rails while your precious gorgeous girl or wild boy can participate in one of their many craft sessions.

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Clothing credits:


Oak’s Cream Trousers: Caramel London

Oak’s Cotton Pierrot top: Waddler

Oak’s Beige Closed Toe Sandals: Froddo

Oak’s Badger Mask: AtelierSpatz

Oak’s Baby Blue Play Tent: Wigiwama

All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

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