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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about our adventures while Oak is wearing The Welsh Girl

One of the best feelings in the world is wrapping my arms around Oak with unconditional love to make him feel safe in the world and he squeezes me a little tighter back. A moment to cherish while time stands still, hugs can never be long enough for us, a touch of the good life bringing inner peace, a cozy embrace.

Standing still in our meadow, a quiet place to reflect the stillness, Oak ctwched-up in The Welsh Girl poncho, tangled together in the tranquil tapestry of inseparability. Woven into each signature piece is Julie Leonard passion to sustain traditional loom techniques steeped in legend and ancestry skills in a contemporary way with longevity at its core.

Manufactured 100% in Wales, the TWG ponchos are limited edition exclusive timeless pieces, made from traditional Welsh tapestry, a very old Welsh pattern. A double weave reversible cloth in soft pure new wool, woven on a 1930’s Dobcross Loom in the Welsh Girl Hay-on-Wye workshop. The fabric is only woven in small runs in unique TWG colour combinations which are never repeated, a exclusive masterpiece to live alongside you elegantly shaping your world with tenderness.

I feel a sense of connection to our landscape which Oak is adorned to, and can imagine the playful stories and experiences Oak will gather with whimsical charm while snuggled up in his new AW graphite & Camel friendly poncho.

“The ultimate in forever wear. Timeless, reversible, for all ages, all seasons, all reasons… and even a throw over the back of a chair”

I urge you to enter the enchanted world of the Welsh Girl where you will enter into a spellbound colourful tapestry world of versatile poncho’s, cushions, coler ctwch scarves and bags. Better still visit the timeless workshop in Hay-On-Wye where all the cutting, creating and most of the making is done.

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Ctwch Clothing credits:

Oak’s GRAPHITE & CAMEL CHILD PONCHO from The Welsh Girl *Oak is wearing size medium*

Oak’s Alon Dark Blue Rince Jeans: MOLO

Oak’s Foundry Jacket in Khaki:  MONTY & CO.

Oak’s Joey Wallabee Boot in Cherry: YOUNG SOLES

All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

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