Chapter 2 Kids: Strong Delicate Snowdrops

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Join us today on Junior Style London for the full post about our adventures in while Oak is wearing Chapter 2 children’s boots.

In the depths of a cold winter, during the month of love, it is a sign of hope to see vast carpets of white snowdrops adorning the British woodland floors. Although known has the milk flower of the snow, it always gives us a glimpse of spring returning shortly.

The blue skies above are crystal clear, the air is cold, yet with Oak’s teddy bears in tow we are still excited to have a traditional picnic amongst the flora splendour.  A walk through a blanket of snowdrops is a seasonal pleasure for Oak wearing his unisex Chapter 2 kids sophisticated hand crafted boots.

Chapter 2 Kids, based in the English countryside, are an independent and conscious brand with a passion to create the most beautiful and exclusive shoes offering the utmost comfort and luxury for your precious little ones delicate feet.

Owner husband and wife duo Tom and Fay Murphy, combine their expertise, originality and craftsmanship skills to create a superior collection in an array of unique unisex designs adding a touch of elegance. Modern twist with bright materials on old classic designs, a playful charm on practicality and durability.

They ethically source only the highest natural Italian leather and materials which they lovingly turn into genesis masterpieces crafted by a skilled hand in their own workshop. Inspired by their two children, you know your childs feet are safe in their hands full of nothing but love and passion.

Oak wears the limited Jackdaw boots which are simply like delightful white delicate yet robust snowdrops glistening like diamonds in the sun, a sheer delight.

They were originally inspired by a vintage boxing boot and the tough substantial caramel leather brushed off at the toe and heel area revealing ecru giving them a distinctive vintage chic. Truly magic techniques using a special type of leather revealing another colour underneath when brushed off, the exclusive design leaves us truly spellbound.

Oak is free to tip toe and dance amongst snowdrop fairies with grace and a heart full of February love. Exploring his natural surroundings, the spectacle of whiteness and delicate fragrance stiring the imagination to create a camp for his teddy bears. A winter teddy bear picnic with spirit and vigor.

‘If you go down in the woods today….’

And if you go and visit Chapter 2 Kids you’re sure of a big surprise. All their designs are all breathtakingly beautiful, you really are spoilt for choice.

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Clothing credits:

Oak’s JACKDAW BOOT IN ECRU from Chapter 2.

Oak’s SKIPPER hat: Monty & Co.

Oak’s DUFFLE Coat: Marie Chantal

Oak’s KOBE: Frou Frou Kids

Oak’s PARIS merino wool cardigan: Frou Frou Kids

Oak’s CORD trousers: Bespoke Kids

Oak’s CORGI ray knee high socks: Mabli Knits

Oak’s WHITE teddy: Merrythought

Oak’s DIMBLES teddy: Made with love by Oak’s mummy

To learn more about the companies passions, click here.

All images courtesy of Natasha Bridges. All rights reserved.

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